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About Acuitas Communications

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1. Insight
2. Sharpness, Perception

Acuitas Communications are experts in financial and corporate communications, public affairs and reputation management.  Whatever your communications requirements, and whether your audiences are in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres, Acuitas Communications can provide the services that will enable you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

We design compelling communications strategies and programmes to satisfy a wide spectrum of corporate and organisational need.  Whether it is presentations to financial analysts, interacting with politicians and regulators, talking to journalists, or engaging with your employees and industry stakeholders, Acuitas Communications has the know-how to help you make it happen.

Acuitas Communications help to make the complex and daunting become easy to understand and manageable to execute. Every communication solution we develop is based on a rigorous empirical assessment of a client's issues and of their likely resolution. Each is tailored to meet our clients’ requirements and budget, and all are flawless and timely in their execution.