Public Affairs

Public Affairs

No business or organisation is immune to the policies of politicians and the directions of regulators. Every day, the programmes of work and comments of ministers, legislators and regulators affect the way in which companies and organisations operate and are perceived. Acuitas is able to help clients to understand, interpret and predict these effects, and manage the commercial and reputational risks that frequently arise, in an effective and thoughtful way.

A number of our consultants have detailed understanding and personal experience of how political institutions operate, and an extensive knowledge of legislative and regulatory processes combined with the ability to explain it in terms that are relevant and understandable to you and your business or organisation.

We analyse the likely consequences of draft legislation for your business’s activities and can devise and implement carefully coordinated campaigns and programmes that make sure your interests are represented and communicated in a timely and effective way. 

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Strategic advice and consultancy

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Political engagement

Legislative and regulatory support

Political intelligence and monitoring

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