Why Acuitas Communications

Acuitas Communications Why Acuitas strategic communications

Why Acuitas Communications

Our commitment to our clients is that we do exactly what we say we’ll do.  First time.  Every time.

Rooted in intellectual rigour and attention to detail, our consultants are ceaseless in their desire to devise not just good communications strategies and solutions, but the very best.

Lots of agencies promise remarkable results, value for money servicing, and director-led accountability. Many walk the walk and talk the talk but, sadly, too few deliver these fundamental promises, day in, day out, which every client has a right to expect. We know.  Because some of our team have worked in just those kinds of global agencies that over-promise and under-deliver.  

But not all agencies behave in the same way.  We value every one of our relationships and know that trust needs to be re-earned on a daily basis.  We do not operate ‘professional pitch teams’. The people you see are the people you get.  On hand, and always on the ball.

Acuitas Communications aims to be a refreshing antidote to soulless big agency culture, by delivering genuinely strategic communications with a client-focused philosophy and ethical approach that generates lasting value for your business and balance sheet.